How to make money from bloggin ... Profit from bloggin

Profit from blogging There is no doubt that you have heard this term before and do not yet know how to start it or what blogging is basically, blogging is an acquired skill over time that may generate thousands of dollars for its owners, through this article we will present you multiple ways to profit from blogging.

What is the profit from blogging?

Profit from blogging or profit by writing articles, is a create your own website and start through this site by placing your articles on it, articles specialized in a specific field, a field that you master such as cooking, sports, medicine ... or any field closer to your inclinations .

But perhaps you will ask me how I will earn after writing this articles and placing them on my site. Do not worry. Follow this article and we will explain it to you step by step.

You can understand well the meaning of blogging or the meaning and how to profit from blogging, through this map in the following figure:

1 - Search an idea, specialty, or field for your website.

2 - Create a website or blog.

3- Writing articles.

4 - Adjust the SEO of articles.

5 - Bring visits.

6 - Profit via the method you choose (Google Adsense, Affiliate...).

What now , it look easy?

Yes, it is easy, but on condition, patience and struggle. As for rushing, it will not help you in anything. The most important thing is to build a good reputation for your site and build a strong image for it. After that, you will be able to make profits without much trouble.

And now we come to an important part of this article, which is the methods of profit from blogging .
There are two very popular techniques that any blogger would prefer to work with:

How to make money from bloggin

1 - Profit from blogging with Google Adsense

This option is everyone's favorite, as when you enter a site on the Internet, you find that the majority of these sites use Google Adsense ads, This means that when the site owner creates his site and publishes 20 or more articles on his site, he submits it to Google Adsense, where you create an account on the Google Adsense site, then add the url of your site, then it gives you a code that you put within the html codes of your blog, then you wait for a response from Adsense from Two day to two weeks.

2 - Profit from blogging through affiliate marketing

So what is affiliate marketing? This means that marketing a product to a person or a company in return for a percentage of each sale that comes to them through your site, an example of how this happens, For example, I have a product that I want to sell for $20. I will tell you to advertise for me, and when someone will buy it from me through, I will give you a percentage of $4, for example, and there are many sites for affiliate marketing.

Steps to earning from blogging

So far we've talked about the following:

1 - Profit from blogging through Blogger and WordPress.

So how do I create a blog on Blogger in order to start blogging and profit, the steps are as follows:

1 - Log in to Blogger.

2 - On the right, click on the arrow pointing down

3 - Click on New Blog.

4 - Enter a name for your blog, for example, trend4you.

5 - Click Next.

6 - Choose a blog title or URL (Enter to Godaddy or Namecheap Buy a domain like this or or whatever domain you want)

7 - Click on Save and congratulations you create your first blog.