profit from internet how to make money from internet

If you are lost and looking for a way to make money from Internet, or rather work on the Internet, So you are on the right website. In this article, we offer you one of the many ways to make money from Internet.

As everyone knows, the Internet has come to dominate the times, and creating an opportunity for work on the Internet has become more effective than creating an opportunity for work on the ground, or perhaps it has become a complement to work on reality , so in this article we may combine the two together.

how to make money from internet

Create a online store

You can create an online store to sell books, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, and accessories. not only that, but you can create a store to sell your services, you can sell multiple services on this store, it is not limited to a specific field as some think . when ever people hear an online store they think that it a store for selling clothes or accessories.

So, what is the way to create an online store?

You can create your online store across multiple platforms that make it easy for you, the most important of which are WordPress, Wix, Blogger...

create website on wordpress :

To create your store on WordPress, you need hosting and a domain. Unlike Blogger, there are many sites from which you can buy hosting, and there are also a group of sites to buy a domain such as Namecheap and Godaddy. When you create a store, you will need a WordPress template for stores. There are many templates paid.

create website on blogger :

for creating a website in blogger you d'ont need a domain or hosting , just you need a template for you store , so also you search in google a free template , There are many sites on google that talk about how to get a free template.

So in this article we are talking in general to give you an idea of ​​things, or give you a starting line .