Profit from Internet through mobile applications

Perhaps you are an unemployed person, or you are looking for a job, and you did not find a suitable job for you, and you have a lost void , so , today we came you with a new method that helps you to win hundreds of dollars , and Why not thousands of dollars . It is one of the most prominent ways to profit from the Internet, and it revolves around creating an Android application and the beginning of profit from it through Google Admob.

When you hear the creation of an application, your mind may go directly to the thought of creating an application through programming, but no , Today's method is an easy method and does not require any programming experience. You only need the idea of ​​the application, that is, the idea that the content of the application will revolve around , Yes, there are many sites that offer you a set of tools that help you create your own application .

How to create an Android application in 30 minutes and profit from it:

 1. First you go to the website and then click on Create app For Free as shown in the image.

Then you choose one of the two options Business or individual , you choose individual .

Then you have to choose one of these options, for example, I will choose Quiz .

Now click Next .

Now upload image for game background and create catégorie name .

Here, type the question you want to put a correct answer and three false answers.

And now choose the colors, and click next .

Finaly congratulations now you have created your first app .